Monday, December 10, 2012


Let's talk about investments.

This is a topic I don't know shit about, however, I had a meeting today with a financial advisor for an investment company. They want me to invest in retirement.

For a moment, let's recall a few facts about me at this time:
     • I'm a recent college graduate
     • I have 2 credit cards
     • I have roommates

What this means--I'm poor, I have a lot of debt, and the money I get, I spend on booze.

Taking into account all of these factors, one might suggest a savings plan rather than a retirement plan. However, if you're a salesman, I'm the perfect candidate--or made to seem so.

The dialog goes something like this..

"Okay, Catharine. This is a simple IRA."
"You've already lost me."

"It's important you invest for your retirement."
"I'm in incredible debt right now and basically poor. Wouldn't saving for my life be more important?"

"You'll be looking to retire one day and if you invest at your age you're investment will be doubled rather than starting at 30."
"Well, the world is supposed to end in a few weeks.."

This conversation ended in a meek handshake and avoided eye contact in what can only divulge his giving up.

Now, I'm not completely useless. When it comes to finances, like most I'm sure, I'm pretty sure it gives me hives. It's a huge gray cloud that follows me around and produces a shit storm at any given time.

However, I'm a member of LearnVest © and this website is helpful for all types of financial questions. They cover loans, debt, investments, insurance, budgeting, and pretty much everything else in your wallet. More helpful is the phone app I downloaded. I would recommend this to everyone, especially if you're attempting to keep a keen eye on your dolla hollas. As for me, I'm terrible at keeping receipts, track of loan payments, etc. and this app does everything. It syncs your bank accounts, loan accounts, savings plans, and credit cards into one so you can get an overall net worth, but also a reminder plan on what you have to spend and when it needs to be spent. Not only that, it tracks every purchase and alerts you when you go over budget. It's basically like having a financial advisor next to your butt 24/7 without the whole harassment thing. I've added the links at the bottom of the page if you struggle like me.

I suppose it's important to think about retirement at my age even though, seemingly, it will most likely never be in my future. In the mean time, I'll sit at my computer listening to Eminem and eating my fruit snacks.

I suppose this is maturity.

mobile app

Thanks for soundin' down.


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