Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Awkward Family Photos

If you haven't already heard or witnessed awkward family photos, put the xbox controller down, climb out from under your rock and visit awkwardfamilyphotos.com.

I could, honestly, peruse for hours through this site and be left with abs of steel from laughing so hard. I am inspired by a recent christmas gift for this post. Believe it or not, they made Awkward Family Photos a game and I've got it. It's ridiculous. When given the chance, play it and be prepared to pee your pants. (If you reread the last part, it rhymed.)

Additionally, if you've visited my facebook page or instagram feed, you would see that for Christmas, my family and I had a photo session done. We had a great time and the photos turned out beautifully. Obviously, because I was in them. Regardless, the photographer had an incredible turnaround time for the edits, just a mere two days later, so we all got to enjoy them together.

Being the contact, the photographer emailed me the gallery first. My mom and I sat to view the breathtaking photos. A set of photos appeared that we stopped to examine. And when doing so, we both realized something was.. interesting. After a few minutes, we both had a gaping-mouthed countenance followed by uncontrollable laughter. We had officially taken an awkward family photo.

If you don't see it by now, the idea that we're all wearing black, although thoughtful, is what made this photo awkward. It could be titled Freak Arms. I still can't control my laughter when I see it.

Give it a week or two and you may find this on awkwardfamilyphotos.com.

Thanks for soundin' down.


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