Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tom Hanksgiving

It's weird to think T.Hanksgiving is tomorrow.

When I entered my office today, it was 71 degrees. I had no coat, but was wearing a scarf for decorative purposes, and sweating slightly because of it.

I feel a bit like I've been living in my 2013-Southern-California version of Groundhog Day. The seasons don't really change, so you feel like you're doing the same thing most everyday. But what makes tomorrow different, is my first T.Hanksgiving away from Nebraska and I know I'm going to be a bitch about it.

Tradition is a funny thing. When broken, emotions run high, people are hurt and angry, and days can be ruined. And when you're accustomed to a specific tradition for years on end and it just stops suddenly, you can feel a little fear, and probably a little pissed.

So, I'm celebrating T.Hanksgiving, my favorite holiday, in this warm and sunny state with ocean breezes and swaying palm trees. Despite living in LA for around eight months, I still feel like I'm on vacation. So, I will do my best in keeping with the Kruse family tradition, including, but not limited to, Auntie Syd's green been casserole, drinking copious amount of Gawertz, and, naturally, singing my ass off.

And because another Kruse family tradition is being incredibly emotional and because I think it's incredibly annoying to see people update their social media status to what they're thankful for every day in November, I'm going to give you my short synopsis.

I'm thankful for my family. 

Although it seems like a world apart, we somehow manage to stay awesome and in touch. Even when I'm sick, they send friendly advice to make me feel better.

I was battling a short bout of the stomach flu.

They're the strongest support system I could every ask for and for that I am entirely thankful. I could not have handpicked a better group of more loving, whimsical, crazy, musical, people. Also, people who really know how to party!

I'm thankful for my friends. 

These Nebraska peeps really know how to make your night, as well as your life. They're there to come visit, skype, or send you a drunken picture of the aftermath of a Husker game. They, too, are pretty kickass.

I'm thankful for my California family.

When you have little to nothing, moving 1500 miles across the country without your family, it's a tough adjustment. But I've been welcomed into the biggest and strongest arms of everyone around me and know that, at the drop of the hat, they'd help me in need, hang up my t.v., and take shots of fireball with me into the wee hours of the morning.

I'm thankful for Lucy.

She will love me unconditionally no matter what. She helps me through thick and thin and even though she talks to me in a British accent that no one else can hear, without words, she so thoughtful. She distracts and loves me when I need it most. I can't imagine life without her.

I'm thankful for Boyfriend.

I've taken on new adventures with Blake, knowing he is there to support me every step of the way, if not physically, then emotionally. It hasn't been easy, but it has been worth it. Whether he is next to me or half a world away, we're in it together and I love him more and more each day, even though he doesn't like jager bombs or eggs. Or seafood. Or anything I cook.

My life is awesome. The people in it are awesome. Which I'm pretty sure makes me awesome.

So there is only one way to spend this T.Hanksgiving. Don't be emotional, be awesome instead.

Thanks for soundin' down.


catechism ( /ˈkætəkɪzəm/Ancient Greekκατηχισμός from kata = "down" + echein = "to sound", literally "to sound down" (into the ears), is a summary or exposition of doctrine, traditionally used inChristian religious teaching from New Testament times to the present.[1] Catechisms are doctrinal manuals often in the form of questions followed by answers to be memorized, a format that has been used in non-religious or secular contexts as well