Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Aliens, Big Foot, & Cold Front in LA

This just in..

A cold front has hit the metropolis of Los Angeles, and everyone is going nuts. Also in, everywhere else in the country has something to say about it.

"Wusses! Babies! Try 16 degrees! Ever seen snow?! Boobs!"

Being from the great state of Nebraska myself, I get to see the many posts and re-posts of humans poking fun at the behavior of LA-ers. It's this post I've probably seen about 14 times.

The only thing that's funny about this video clip, is the idiocy of some of the reporters and their lack of ability to think on their feet. It's hard to watch from a journalistic standpoint and it's obvious they're scraping for stories.

That being said, I thought I might take the liberty to respond to the Midwesterners gawking at LA's breakdown due to the chilly weather.

1. This is Southern California, it's supposed to warm.

2. Because it's supposed to be warm, you leave the house in a thin sweater, maybe even a very light jacket (April 25th style) and get hit with the cold Pacific Ocean breeze.

This is considered winter wear.

The unexpectedness of lack of warmer clothing, puts an angry face on every LA-er. And no one wants to buy a warm coat to use for 6 days. They should invent coat rentals here for freak weather accidents--hmm, million-dollar-that-is-only-successful-every-once-in-a-blue-moon idea.

Even then, it would still be about the look, not the functionality.

3. I realize the temperature is lower where you live. It's where you live, and it's normal. People sometimes choose Southern California to escape snow, ice, and stupid blowup christmas decorations (yours truly). Although the neighbors down the street might expect a dart flying in their direction soon. Like a good dart, from the really good bars.

Definitely not sorry.

4. Yes, I stand with the majority of California citizens in the south--angry the weather hasn't been normal. I expect the weather to be nice while enduring the higher cost of living and ridiculous traffic--that's the trade off, right? But never fear, today returned to an average temperature--a beautiful 68 degrees. And the forecast puts Monday at 80. :)

5. You bet I'm terrified to experience the cold weather in Michigan and Nebraska again. But hey, nothing a bottle or two of wine can't warm up.

Weather is an easy conversational topic, I get it. It's usually the first, especially when something abnormal happens, like Southern California hitting 37 degrees at night. Yes, that's cold, even for you, Nebraska. But before you jump on the "Let's-Bash-LA-For-Reporting-Atypical-Weather" train, remember that you'd probably enjoy it too if it were 68 degrees in December. There always needs to be a place to vacation from the snow. And how pissed would you be if you bought a trip to tropical locations, only to face rainy, cloudy, unusually cold weather. Just pissed. And peace on earth.

Thanks for sounding down.


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