Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Lost

I've always felt that Boyfriend and I are pretty awesome.

Our relationship is a special one. We like to have a good time, we make each other laugh, we love each other unconditionally, and most importantly, we don't agree on anything.

Very, very little.

I mean, I don't have to point out the obvious winner here..

It's safe to mention that our definition of compromise is losing.

For those of you who've known me, I've always been a movie-lover. I've seen too many, I have too many, I quote too many, it doesn't matter, they're fantastic. Pre-adult life held little time to watch TV. I will shamefully admit I've maybe seen 3 episodes of Oprah and the only shows I ever got into were How I Met Your Mother and Friends, thanks to countless re-runs and DVD sets.

Who knew that Blake walking into my life would force television onto me.

Blake loves TV. He watches everything. Even if it's bad (I won't name any names, but maybe a little something that rhymes with Shmalking Shmead). But Blake doesn't watch movies. He doesn't understand watching the same thing repeatedly and claims he can't stay awake long enough. I won't mention that he can binge watch hour long episodes of Game of Thrones, but a movie is "just too much."

Regardless, this opposition may seem like a minute problem in the grand scheme of things. If you agree, you just don't know me.

I willingly admit that I am stubborn. But what's not helpful, is that Blake is even more stubborn.

This is a huge problem. Because I still love him, despite his moving-hating qualities, it is, hands down, the biggest compromise I could make. Blake has however, slowly begun to drag me down into his cruel television world.

It started with Shameless. I thought it was incredible. Blake purchased the first two seasons and had yet to watch them. I began watching, then he began watching, and when the episode was over, we looked at each other and said, "another one?"

We agreed on something.


After powering through all available seasons of Shameless, House of Lies, Californication, Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Homeland (in no particular order), it hit me. If we can't agree on anything, we can at least agree on spending many hours together having our brains turn to mush. Not to mention great fucking television.

The next on the list was Scandal. It's almost embarrassing how many episodes we've gotten through on the edge of our seats and forgetting that the real president is not actually Fitzgerald Grant. We officially caught up in what can only be described as an embarrassingly short amount of time.

So, it was looking as though our stubborn ways were letting up and compromising wasn't as much about losing, even though turkey burgers are a viable substitute for real burgers. Regardless, right when things were just looking up, it was, once again, shot down out of the sky and the stomped on by heavy-set men in the highest heels.

You decide.
It started with Game of Thrones. I hate Game of Thrones. (I realize I am alone in the world.) If we argue about anything in general, Blake will all of a sudden stop, look at me with large, forceful eyes and say, "Catie, I am going to go into the bedroom to watch Game of Thrones on my iPad." And then he disappears. He knows I don't like it, so he knows it's a solo moment for him.

On the flip side, Girls has become my guilty one-sided pleasure. I mean, I don't even blame him for not going for that one.

It's important to know that up until the first of the year, we haven't even used Netflix before. And once Netflix crawled into our home, we have been unable to crawl out. We've both hastily gathered our stack of shows and are holding onto them until the life is squeezed out.

Sorry Missy. We still love you.

While television has taken over our lives, another agreement was in order. Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT watch a show without the other one. Believe it or not, this was understood with no verbal contract. We just do it. We agree that order is kept best when we do it together, except for Californication, because he was gone and I was bored. (Schowwry, Blake). This unspoken bond has created the utmost respect for those moments watching shared television. And it's a beautiful and midly depressing thing.

I was at work a few weeks ago when the thought hit me, I only want to go home and watch Scandal right now. Blake and I could order Thai and sit on the couch and just watch TV all night in PJ's and our disgusting love. And there is no doubt in my mind I could probably do it all day.

I feel like I've lost with movies. And as I look into the mirror and wonder where the movies have escaped to, I can only think, TV has melted my brain, taken over my life, yet bonded Blake and I. It's not the worst thing in the world, but I still don't feel 100% right about it. And that, my friends, is called compromise.

Thanks for soundin' down.


Blake and I do not argue constantly. It's mostly about things like driving directions, mac & cheese, and who lost the Apple TV remote. I love him more than anything and it is displayed here, between the lines, when I can admit loss.