Tuesday, March 4, 2014


So, there is this place Blake loves to go. It's called Berlin Currywurst in NoHo. And it does a pretty good job of duplicating Blake's favorite meal when visiting Germany. So we go there and get spicy sausage regularly, because it makes Blake happy.

Yes, spicy sausage makes him happy.

Regardless, it's a pretty hip spot. And If you recall, hip is the base word for a group of people known as "hipsters." We are perched next to a few people and I don't really notice them at first, until the guy in the beanie and three-quarter-sleeve shirt pulls out his giant camera and tells this girl not to move. "Don't move, this lighting is just perfect."

I, of course, could not resist snapping a photo of a hipster taking a hipster photo. It was just too good to be true. I show Blake, who still holds the reputation of being the nicest person ever, and he tells me it is rude, even though they are complete strangers.

I shrug him off and laugh, because, come on, it's hilarious.

Before we leave the restaurant, I head to the restroom. Because this place is hip, that means the bathrooms, or should I say one bathroom, is outside. And the door doesn't shut all the way. So I walk in, jimmy with the door enough that it stays closed, as I fear that if I shut it all the way, I will not be able to get out and be stuck in the disgusting communal bathroom of a place called Berlin Currywurst. So, as quickly as I can, I do the lady thing. I'm sitting on the toilet, mid-stream, as the door flies open and hipster man with a camera is getting a free show. He clumsily apologizes and shuts the door.

Moral of the story: don't make fun of hipsters because Karma will show them your vagina.

Thanks for soundin' down.