Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This Is So Going In My Blog

It's over, and I don't know where to begin.

It has been a wonderful nine seasons of laughter and memories and there is just so much to say. How I Met Your Mother has been my long-time favorite show. I have shirts, swag, and, fear not, seasons 1-8 on DVD, just waiting until the day I can pre-order season nine. I've made it a habit to re-watch the series from beginning to most recent end, and I just started my fourth round.

Obsessed could be a word to use, but I will always contend it's love.

As I perused social media this morning, I was hit with a commentary of mixed emotions.

"It sucked!"
"Could have been better!"
"I loved it!"
And so on and so forth.

So, as someone who could probably be considered an expert, I'm giving you my incredibly valid, expert opinion. And when I say opinion, it's a fact, so whatever argument you hold, I will plug my ears and say "lalala" because you're wrong. That, or whip out the Sensory Deprivator 5000.

This feel-good show brought back to life the sitcom. The writers were witty, consistent, and very well prepared. And if you've ever seen even a few episodes, you can't ignore their innate ability to rock a flashback and keep everything cohesive.

So, after nine years, trying to find an ending was going to be tough. But it had to be done.

You should take with a grain of salt that from almost the first moments of the series finale to the very end, I was crying. So, most of this is what I witnessed through tears.

Let's start with Lily and Marshall.
The World's Best Couple, together through thick and thin (what was that look?), experienced their own trials, proving that it's more than love to get you through a relationship for a decade and then some. The finale exhibited their over-time attempt at keeping the gang together, watching their goals evolve, and their love and support through the years. I'd say this aspect--spot on.

Barney and Robin.
I always loved these two together because they seemed so lost to begin with. What I feel the writers were hinting at, were their abilities to put their selfishness aside to learn to love someone else, even though it didn't work out. After a short marriage, they were just too like themselves to make it work. And as it turns out, this happens in real life. You can't always expect the happy ending and you can't expect them to become best friends again. I'd say this aspect, pretty fucking perfect.

Ted and the Mother, aka Tracy.
Yes, the title is How I Met Your Mother, but it's obvious the storyline was about the group's friendship and lives in general. Showing flashbacks of the involvement of the two through the years is just mind blowing, but only a fraction of the show. As soon as you experience the Mother's personality with each of the characters individually, you sense that she and Ted are so alike. And when they finally meet, it's one of those gut feelings. I'd say this aspect had to be like this. It took nine seasons to meet her. Of course it's going to be a meet-cute.

Ted and Robin.
Ted and Robin hold the sort of hit-and-miss-why-can't-they-just-be-together traits of Ross and Rachel. They couldn't agree on their futures, which, very realistically, cut it short. But even through Ted's slew of girlfriends, Robin seemed to pop in and out in the meantime. He admitted to loving her even in season seven. You see his reluctance, but acceptance in "letting her go" to be with Barney during his epic proposal from the playbook. And you see his feelings and loyalty resurface in season nine with the search for the locket.

The Mother getting sick and dying is also a part of life. Sometimes you find your true love and bad things happen. People expecting a cheesy, gooey, perfect ending here should get Marshall slapped. When all is said and done, there is still the lingering feeling of Robin and when he shows up for the second time at her doorstep with the Blue French Horn, I mean, come on. How full circle do you want it?

I will say, the urging from his kids was not my favorite. Although, if you noticed, the kids haven't aged. Which means, they've had this planned from the start. I think it was necessary for Ted to hear it from his children that it's okay to love again after the Mother, but it was in a slightly awkward way.

Regardless, I think this finale of twists and turns stayed true to the characteristics of the show and to reality. Lily and Marshall grow and move their family to the suburbs. Barney knocks someone up (I mean, statistically, it was bound to happen) and gives the most heart-felt and sob-wrenching speech to his baby girl. (I cried about this for sometime even after the show. Damn, NPH. You're good.). And Ted and Robin wait their whole lives for the timing to be right for their relationship.

The gang grows up and a part, but still loves each other at heart, knowing they got there together. And even though it was sad to see it end, it had to end sometime, and despite all the negativity, I really enjoyed it.

The mix of emotions of the entire finale was like a a fun roller coaster that might be a little too old and you're sort of fearing your life at the same time--especially trying to keep it together as Lily stood in the empty apartment wearing the sperm whale costume.

It has been such a part of my life in a way that can only be described as Legen--wait for it--...

Thanks for soundin' down.