Monday, September 8, 2014

Feyoncé like Beyoncé

Saturday, September 6th, started out like this.

It was captioned as this: "Game day means - waking up at 6 am to walk your dog, head to San Diego, and cracking your first beer before 8 am. #huskernationontheleftcoast #gbr"

When you live in California, the Big 10 takes over your mornings. You don't have time to sleep in, and you have to plan everything the night before.

So, Blake being gone on tour for a few months, decided it would be fun for us to go down to San Diego for a day, to relax from his work and watch some college football.

We get packed the night before and I head to bed, knowing full well, I'll be up early - losing my voice with chants of "Go Big Red." Blake had some work to do, so he stayed up much later. Little did I know, he didn't stay up due to work, he stayed up because he was a nervous wreck.

We set out to SD at around 6:30 am. Blake informed me that he purchased some new Polaroid film and wanted to use them up today. We were a solid length into our drive when Blake suggested pulling off at a view point to take a photo.

This is not unlike him, as he likes to use his Polaroid on the road in this manner. So, I agreed. We stopped at Vista Point, a beautiful outlook to the ocean. We get there and before Blake can pull out the camera, he tells me, "I got this obnoxious gift for you."

He tells me to turn around and face the ocean and I most definitely cannot look.

I turn around and he's holding this..

Because he's a badass.
An electric guitar signed by the band, Barenaked Ladies. For our first ever date, Blake took me to San Diego to see them on the beach. 

I think my response was, "Holy shit!! How did you get this?!"

And he smiled at me and got down on one knee.

You're probably wondering what he said, and so am I. Whatever it was, it was, very obviously, sweet, romantic, and it has all turned into a blur. I caught the tail end, however, "Will you marry me?"

I said yes, in a scream/question, and I hugged him so hard I may have fractured one of his ribs. I didn't even care that there were birds everywhere.

We took some snap shots and headed to San Diego to celebrate.

After calling family and friends, we headed to a nearby Husker bar to watch the game. Apparently when you tell bartenders and servers you just got engaged, it means free shots. Needless to say, we had to take a nap before the Michigan State game started in order to function. We laughed and teared up a million times and drank champagne and watched the sun go down and ordered late-night pizza and still can't believe it.

I get to spend the rest of my life with the most ridiculous and incredible person I know. I'm excited and anxious to start this next jump together. And we, of course, couldn't do it without the love and support of you. Thank you for the influx of notes, phone calls, messages, and champagne!! 

Now, cheers to pretending to be Irish for the rest of my life!

All the love,
the future Mr. and Mrs. Blake Kruse

Thanks for soundin' down.. And for the record, I had NO idea. He's a sneak.

P.S. Lucy cares a lot.