Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Years Resolutions are Shit

After spending the last few years having "the talk" with those around you right before the clock strikes midnight for the new year, I've decided that New Year's resolutions are shit. Here's why.

Many people start the year off with resolutions, making promises about ways they'd like to change or better themselves. A few common ones might be to lose weight or start going to the gym, volunteer more, or become more financially savvy. All of these things are great and positive things, but unfortunately, most people fail their resolutions.

Last year, I resolved to have dry January and start doing two-a-day workouts a few days a week. Let's be real. It was January 3rd and I was 5 mimosas deep and hadn't so much as lifted a finger that day.

Although I have been victim to unrealistic resolutions, I have also been guilty of complaining about those who try. I've always hated the gym from January to February. All those resolutioners trying to work off that weight, or vowing going to the gym are taking up prime real estate in classes and on machines. I would always bitch, but then remind myself, come March, it will be back to the old swing of things.

Is this fair? I think about my own struggles for resolutions and realize I shouldn't be shooting down others'. So here is what I've realized. There is too much pressure on New Year's resolutions. "Everyone is doing it," is no reason to jump off a bridge, so why make life changes with everyone else too?

Don't wait for the new year to try something new. Do it now, or do it a few months from now. Do it when you're ready or it will never last. Why does the new year have to be the starting line for so many things? It's not like other things in your life wait to happen until the new year, so why wait now? If you've been yearning to try something or make a change then stop fucking waiting and starting fucking doing it. Go to the gym. Just go! Put that money in your savings today. Sign up for that volunteer position immediately. You don't need a stroke of the clock to change your life, you need you.

Stop depending on January 1st to change everything, and start depending on yourself.

And if you find yourself brunch drunk on January 3rd, cheers!

Thanks for soundin' down..