Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Angry Detox: A Mini Series // Day 1

I've decided to go on a detox right before the holidays with my friend Shannon. And I thought it might be entertaining to share how I feel about sitting out social events and struggling with my love of wine. Wish me luck and enjoy my newest mini series.

Day One

Well, I got wine drunk last night on my final night of drinking before my #sheddingforthewedding detox. And yes, I apologize for hashtagging in a blog post. So, the first few weeks, no alcohol. Then, the month of January, no alcohol and a diet that feels like I'm basically eating three flax seeds and a gust of wind*.

So, on day number one, I don't feel too anxious about it because, well, I'm a bit hungover, and alcohol is the last thing I want right now.

*I am breaking it down into part I and part II in order for it to be possible to be Christmas drunk.

Here we go.