Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Emotions and Parenthood

Some people go to an amusement park for rollercoasters. And, you might not know it, but there is another rollercoaster you can ride right in your own home. It's called Parenthood.

I'm not talking about actual parenthood, but the cinematic, developed for TV Parenthood. 

Dear Lord, where do I start?

I was in that common lull between Netflix binges. You know the lull. You just blasted through 10 seasons of Friends and the recent episodes of House of Cards, and you have nothing to watch. You come home after work, plop onto your couch, dinner in hand, ready to hunker down with a solid night of 14 episodes of anything with no remorse, nor shame. And you start searching. What can occupy my time for the next 8 weeks (let's be honest, an unabashed 13 days)? 

My answer was Parenthood. I will admit, although the show is dramatic, funny, sad, real, and any other adjective, this isn't the best time for me to watch something so emotional. I'm a serial cinematic cryer, and this show plays into that, wholeheartedly. I cry. Every. Episode. I cry tears of joy, tears of sadness, and tears of frustration. And I can't help it. 

I'm in the process of dealing with what can be titled, "The Most Stressed As Fuck Time." I'm moving 1500 miles across the country, I started a company, and I'm planning a wedding, all the while spending months on end away from Feyoncè. 

Some might see this as insane, and, you're right, it is. I have experienced the full range of every adjective and emotion the last few weeks and have a feeling of no letting up. I've been crazy, sad, joyful, drunk, wildly hysterical, humbled, angry, scared, and ensue rollercoaster. 

I thought Parenthood (again, the show) would be a good outlet for crying, or getting out my pent up emotions, if you will. And it's been a decent parallel to what I'm going through. And I can't help but feel consumed and a part of the family. I yell at the television, I aggressively agree, I feel compelled to hug someone, and mostly, I feel like I should have children. 

Like any young adult, I went through a period of time where I felt defiant and made a sweeping declaration of choosing to be child-less. And when you find someone you love more than anything, it may have the power to change that ideal. And it did. And Parenthood doesn't help. There are episodes I count my lucky stars I don't have a teenage daughter. And there are episodes where I can't bear the thought of waiting to have children. It portrays the strength of family and it's hard to turn a blind eye and not reflect on your own life. I've disagreed with some parenting techniques and learned about others. I haven't gotten past season 3, but I hate Kristina. I relate the most to Sarah. Adam has a stick up his ass and needs to relax. Crosby is a loveable fuck up. Julie is nerotic and is just a little too adult. And, I'll say it, Joel makes my ovaries tingle. 

If you haven't, and I assume most have since I'm late to the party, watch it. It will make you think and cry and care and happy. 

Sorry for rambling, but I guess I'm just trying to say get your shit together and get into it. And understand I'm on the verge of some extreme emotion. And hugs are welcomed. And tears are welcomed. And inappropriate jokes that make me laugh are welcomed. 

Wish me luck. And God speed. To me. 

Thanks for soundin' down..