Friday, July 10, 2015

Home Free

If you follow me on Instagram, I apologize. I've been rather liberal in my postings for two reasons. I just moved and am actually putting together a grown-up apartment and, more specifically, I work from home.

I'm doing my best to build my clientele here in Omaha and stay focused, which, on certain days, can prove difficult. Here are a few things I've learned about working from home.

  1. If you don't wake up before 9 or put pants on, nothing will get done.
  2. If you don't establish some sort of routine, you will find yourself watching never been kissed while cleaning the cabinet under the bathroom sink when, suddenly, you're confused, having blacked out on getting to that point, of course.
  3. If you let people know you're working from home they expect you to drink any day at any time at any moment's notice.
  4. Said people also assume you spend your days watching Netflix and doing nothing else.
  5. It's important to establish goals based on work done so you don't take four naps throughout the day.
  6. Coffee is key. Very key. Also, it's dangerous living in an apartment complex with a dope coffee shop that you can't afford to drink every day, but you do instead.
  7. You become very aware of your willingness to function in disgusting surroundings.
  8. When you realize how disgusting your surroundings are, you put off work and decide to clean while listening to 90s jams instead.

It's been a very difficult and educational road for me. I've also turned into that person who speaks everything out loud as she types. Yes, it's currently happening. Wish me luck. I put pants on today, so that's a start.

For those of you who aren't sick of my home sweet-ass home posts, I've included some photos of the new place.