Sunday, September 6, 2015

Video Music Awards

Where to begin?

I've been lucky, or as some may say, #blessed the last few years. I've been lucky enough to be a part of some pretty incredible experiences with Blake and the Walk The Moon band and crew. And very recently, I got to be apart of an amazing day.

I went to the VMA's. And it was wild.

If you tuned in, Walk The Moon performed for the pre-show on the red carpet. And there I was! Chillin' with Sway and cheering into the cameras.

Oh, hey Sway.
I showed up to the trailer outside the Staples Center and had a wonderful stylist gussy me up. One of my dear friends is a fashion stylist in LA and hooked me up with the sassiest and most beautiful dress! I was pampered and felt, well, famous.

I was surprised that the red carpet wasn't red. I got to walk in backstage to my seat behind THE Britney Spears (and six of her biggest security men). I was surrounded by so many celebrities: Bruno Mars, Nikki Minaj, Kanye, and the list goes on. And lastly, I got to sit just a few rows behind Taylor Swift and her posse.

If you squint your eyes and look to the top left, you can see Blake and me.

There were some epic performances, some very interesting outfits, and, of course, the Kanye speech. It was a fun and zany and fascinating experience.

Quick! A another gallery!

This was the VMA / Taco Bell pre-show. Free tacos.
In addition to this crazy experience, I kept my visit a secret and got to surprise some pretty fabulous people.

The West coast is the best coast! Thanks for soundin' down.