Thursday, December 3, 2015

Log Out

It’s never easy finding the words to begin a controversial topic. But, in the spirit of what I’m about to discuss, fuck it.

I would like to send a PSA to all future generations of America, Generations X, Y, and Z. You need to relax. You need to relax and unplug. You need to relax, unplug, and, for the love of God, let it go.

This is a topic that has become an almost every day occurrence in our household. We have deemed 2015 the Year of Offense. While this Offensive Year has been building and growing for years prior, it seems to be popping up more often than normal. And guess what, we look stupid.

Most of this irritation in House O’Brien was sparked from a recent Target incident. Target unveiled a clothing design dawning the phrase, “OCD; Obsessive Christmas Disorder,” and in doing so, enraged people who are supporting and suffering from the disease OCD. This, in turn, caused a lawsuit and a forced apology to those offended by this t-shirt.

A t-shirt.

I’m pretty sure Slayer was caught wearing a shirt reading, “Kill the Kardashians,” during a show and the infinity wallets of the Kardashian empire didn’t do a thing. Yet, Obsessive Christmas Disorder is worse. I think?

I won’t go on to mention some of the horrible things you see on t-shirts that aren’t brought into light. If you’re curious, visit Vegas for a day.

A small droplet of water in an ocean of bullshit is what has become of America's offended brains. This is, in large part, due to social media. There was a time when people would log on to their Facebook, like a photo, leave a quick hello on a friend’s wall, and silently, and happily, log off. In case any of you Gen Z-ers or last of Gen Y-ers are questioning what a wall is; it’s an archaic term for the thing users posted status updates to. It has since been replaced by a timeline, because that’s somehow different.

Now, people are consistently on Facebook throughout the day, liking a dog photo, sharing a viral video of someone overcoming an obstacle, and angrily ranting about the Second Amendment. People are constantly battling each other over politicssituations, and opinions and taking things too far. They’re calling each other names, using inappropriate words to verbally bash the other, and acting like children on the playground. Social media has delivered a platform in which anyone can be heard by anyone with or without a brain. Political discussion can be invigorating and informative, but when hashed out in the comments section of a doctored photo, it makes you look like a moron.

In, not-so-short terms, many have lost the capability to let things go. People have lost their thick skin, and everyone is a victim. Someone comparing being offended by a t-shirt to actual bullying had lost the ability to differentiate. There is a difference between being bullied and fishing for anything to be upset over.

So, in this PSA, I would like to deliver a boiler plate for 2016. This is a big world full of many people. Everyone lives a different life and believes in different things. If you feel that you’re right and you won’t change your mind, acknowledge that someone else feels the same. Banging your head against a wall gets you nowhereAgree to disagree. And, finally, log out.

Let the Year of Offense die and let’s be a respected civilization again.