Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Girly Post

I will admit, this post title is inspired by my recent watching of 30 Rock.

I've decided to share an experience that's been the topic of many recent conversations. It's my hair.

I've never been that person who really gave a shit about their hair. I stopped coloring my hair after high school and went eight years without coloring it again. I would go to Supercuts or any salon equivalent because, if they screwed up, it grows back.

And now that I've entered into my late twenties, I apparently care more about my hair. I go to nice salons because it's qualitative and it also makes me feel like a classy bitch. I've purchased products to make it healthier. And most importantly, I've stopped washing it.

Well, not completely, but pretty close.

Washing your hair is pretty rough on your mop. It strips away natural oils and can make your hair weaker and break more easily. So, after doing some research, I decided I was going to stop washing mine.

It took a build up, a conditioning phase if you will, pun intended. My hair is naturally fine and thin. So, I used to wash my hair every day. But then I began by washing every other day. And after a few times, squeezed in another day, and another. Fortunately for me, I was working from home, so during this part, I didn't have to see people or look professional. It's important because I looked gross. My hair turned greasy after no shampoo use and it lasted for about two weeks.

BUT, after about 14 days, my hair unwashed started lasting longer. I could use dry shampoo and get away without looking like I poured oil over my head. And now, drumroll please, I wash my hair once a week. My hair is healthier, thicker, and growing longer than it ever has. It holds style really well, and makes shower time quick. Boom!

My recommendation is a decent dry shampoo. I use Aveda's Shampure in its amazing powder form. Leave in conditioner for when you do wash your hair (it's a little difficult to comb after 6 days of product). I use Garnier Fructis because it smells bomb. A wide toothed comb. And maybe a hat for day 6.

And here is the proof. Photo on the left is hair washing every day. Photo on the right is once a week. And you're welcome.

Thanks for soundin' down..